Sea Food Manufacturing ERP Software

A dedicated ERP software for seafood that can address the challenges and help run their business smoothly. Seafood ERP software helps businesses manage the complexity of inventory, sales, purchase, formula, quality assurance, costing, and compliance while meeting their deliveries exactly on-time. Above all, the system offers complete accountability and tracking of by-products and waste that can be used in producing other high-revenue generating products.


  • Recipe and formula management
  • Precise inventory management with support for various units of measures 
  • Complete accountability and tracking of by-products
  • Tracking, costing and safe disposal of waste
  • Automatic calculation of yield and profit margins
  • Supports dual units of measure for storing, issuing, shipping and costing with catch weight
  • Precise planning of production levels
  • Complete management and visibility of tanks, water pumps, filtration systems, and food delivery systems
  • Thorough check on the temperature and salinity of water
  • Material and package costing
  • Supports tracking water and energy consumption
  • Bi-directional lot traceability and lot recall
  • Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA)
  • Shelf-life determination
  • Sales and shipment processing
  • Supports seasonal requirements
  • Nutritional labelling
  • Ingredient statement and report
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)

Benefits of ERP in Seafood Industry

  • Consistency in operations
  • Improved customer service that results in greater customer satisfaction
  • Quality maintained throughout the entire process
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced risks by strong control over inventory traceability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Business efficiency
  • Informed decision making
  • Ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance

Cloud Deployment Available

Give your small, mid-size, or large-scale businesses the power of our ‘Cloud ERP’ solutions, and enjoy the benefits of leveraging the cloud.


Petrol Pump Management ERP Software

We are one of the providers of customized Petrol Pump Billing Software solutions in the market. Precise meter reading, lubricant sales are some of the general areas in which the software helps. Starting with some specific features, the software allows report generation in a graphical manner or numerical manner both, report analysis from different angles like bill wise, item wise, etc. 


  • Complete Financial Accounting
  • Cash Flow & Funds Flow
  • GST Compliant all Reports
  • Credit Billing (Weekly / Fornightly / Monthly)
  • Vehicle Wise – Product Wise – Party Wise Billing Options
  • Bill Direct Email Facility
  • Auto Stock Valuation
  • Tax Inclusive Rates Option
  • Auto Dr.Cr.Entries in Sale-Purchase
  • Tank Wise Stock Reports
  • Sales Man Wise Shift Wise Reporting


 Access Rights

  1. Access Rights allows you to provide or Restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  2. Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees.
  3. Administrator can provide Additional password on any functionality.

 Financial Reports

  1. Party/Vehicle wise Ledger, Trial Balance / Trading / P & L A/c, Balance Sheet.
  2. All Vat/GST Report
  3. Bank Reconciliation/Profit Comparison
  4. Profit Loss Report
  5. Billwise/Slipwise Outstanding

 Easy Billing

  1. Monthly/Fornightly/weekly/periodic billing
  2. Consolidated Bill Vehiclewise/Datewise
  3. Separate Bill Vehiclewise.
  4. Automatic Bill Generate
  5. Cash & Credit memo printing

 Inventory Control

  1. Stock Status/Stock Summary 
  2. Maintain Daily Sale Register
  3. Stock Inspection/Density Calculated.
  4. Periodic Purchase Reg./Sale Reg.
  5. Lubes costing


  1. Credit/Cash Sale Through Card
  2. Meter Reading Sales
  3. Shift wise Feeding
  4. Salesman Wise feeding
  5. Slip wise Feeding

 Other Features

  1. Transport Detail
  2. Del Modify Log
  3. Online Software Upgrade.
  4. Autobackup By Time Interval Gap and Send E-mail ID

Customized Business ERP Software

Our digital ERP software that is built using  US patented Axpert RAD platform which is 100% customizable and easy to use. It helps you to gain control over your business and streamlines your processes. You are provided with 360-degree view of your business with smart analytics, capability to integrate with your vendors & supply chain and native mobile app. Google like search to access data & menu options in your ERP.

Our Digital ERP is equipped with a easy to use Google like interface which is Search driven. The Enterprise Search feature helps users to search using natural language and access the application. You can use any normally used keywords such as a customer name, vendor name, Balance sheet, Purchase, Invoice etc in the Search bar on the Home Page and the system will list all the related forms/reports/transactions in an easy to navigate layout.



  • Workflow driven with event-based alerts and triggers.
  • Widgets driven Reports and Dashboards
  • Intelligent Search Option
  • Configurable Balance sheet and P&L formats.
  • Native Android app for using ERP over mobile.
  • API to interface with other software.
  • Multi branch/Multi Location and Multi Currency enabled.
  • Tracking and Visibility
  • GST Ready(For Indian Customers)

Our Services include

Account Management

  • General Ledger, AR and AP
  • Cost Centres and Profit Centres
  • Multi- currency
  • Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Cash and Fund Flow
  • Bank Accounting
  • Cheque Management
  • Bank Reconciliation


  • Bill Of Materials
  • Machine Master
  • Routing
  • Production Order
  • Pick List
  • Material Issue
  • Material Return
  • Production Entry

Inventory Management

  • Stock Management
  • Stock Journal
  • Physical Stock Reconciliation
  • Multiple Stock Valuations
  • Batch and Serial number

Sales Management

  • Order Management
  • Invoicing
  • Point-of-Sales
  • Direct Sales
  • Sales Return

Purchase Management

  • Requisitions
  • Order Management
  • Goods Receipts
  • Supplier Billing booking


  • Employee Information
  • Payroll Account and Salary Processing
  • Payroll Statutory

Material Management ERP Software

Velsoft is one of the leading companies in the cloud-based ERP solutions industry. Our main objective is to equip the modern businesses with advanced tools that are cost-effective and capable of achieving “ease of business through and through. This is exactly what our Online Material Management Software is doing today. Increase the Profits and Lower your Investment with Just-in-Time Inventory. Handles Barcodes, POS and material tracking. Easy Accessibility on a single cloud-based platform.

In-house Job work

Manage all the in-house of work received from your customers along with timely delivery, process cost and account management.


Manage all your materials given out for fabrication, track receipts, pendency along with costing and account management.


Keep a record of all your vendors and set the threshold price against each item for better control over purchases.


Create product wise attributes & a master of all your raw, semi-finished and finished materials.


Keep a track of all your location and branch wise inventory, closing stock with value.


Maintain a record of all your customers along with their payment terms.


Oversee material management processes from anywhere with your smartphone


Create purchase orders, track materials, and maintain vendor details on the fly


Check sales performance with accurate and detailed graphical representations


Simplify gate pass for faster movement of materials and goods

Branch Control

Make branch management easier and simpler


Monitor consumption to reorder materials on time

Reports: Connect with multiple apps and services

Image Pending Report

Review all the pending dispatches to prevent unnecessary delays

Image Purchase Order Report

Check the status of purchase orders to stay on track at all times

Image Customer Wise Sale

Check sales details of all customers individually

Stock Balance Report

Monitor stock balance in a single click

Image Reorder Stock Report

Stay up to date with your current stock levels

Image Cancel Invoice Report

Review canceled sales instantly

Image Transaction Report

Find the details of all inventory transactions in one location

Why Use Material Management?

You need a material management system to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and streamline supply chain operations. It can help you plan and schedule production in a way that no inventory is wasted and the final products are shipped on time. You can also connect your warehousing system with material management to create one cohesive unit that allows you to run your business with greater efficiency.

GST Ready

Ditch the hassle of calculating the right GST rates for different materials. The Material Management module has a built-in tax engine that can do all the work for you.

Efficient Working Capital

Reduce costs by using your working capital with higher efficiency. By preventing over- inventory, you can enjoy massive savings and lower the rental costs too.

Tracking Materials 

Velsoft’s Material Management system comes with advanced features to handle raw material and inventory. 

Do More in Less Time

Create materials, track purchase and control inventory with a greater efficiency is a minutes task now.


Payroll Management ERP Software

Velsoft Payroll empowers employee self-service and follows statutory compliance. Trust us for the best HR solutions and focus on business growth. At Velsoft, we strongly believe in customer-centricity and designing affordable business solutions that speak for themselves. Every single product in our toolkit is engineered to make your life as a business leader/HR 


Record attendance automatically based on entry and exit times of employees and synchronizes the data from biometric device.

Salary Deduct

Deduct salaries on the basis of leaves, taxes, and expenses with improved accuracy and convenience


Track leaves of all part-time and full-time employees even when they have different shifts.


Easily release the employee from duties as all the pending dues will automatically calculated.



Manage and track all the employee details for the associated branches.


To view the existing record of arrears processed or assigned.

Salary Process

Easiest way to process employee salary in a click.

Salary Addition

Record and calculate incentives based on the selected rule


Calculate TDS and reimbursements without any glitch

Expense Claim

Manage and calculate all the employee related expenses


Assign teams and team heads for any specific activity.


Simplify gate pass for official duties assigned to employees


Manage HR while following the legal framework at all times.


Easily define & set holidays as per company rules.


Easily assign weekoffs and track them as per the shifts assigned.


Track multiple shifts of multiple employees easily and accurately.


Manage all the details about employee loan.

Short Leave

Manage short leaves as per your company’s rule.

Reports Connect with multiple apps and services

Image Departments Attendance Report

Monitor the attendance of all employees department-wise through detailed reports

Audit Report

Find all the audit reports in one location for easy reconciliation

Image Notification

Get notifications for upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries of employees

Image TDS

View accurate TDS for different salaries in seconds

Image Muster Books

Manage muster-roll separately from regular payroll.

Image Salary Report

Salary Report 

Why Use Payroll Software? 

As your organization grows and employees start to step in and out of your team, HR management can quickly become disorganized. Comprehensive Payroll Software can help connect the dots and efficiently merge different processes of Payroll Management into one cohesive unit. Incorporating the payroll software into the operations management ensures smooth functioning along with fewer possibilities of man-made errors and consequent delays and deterioration of work efficiency.

User-friendly Interface

Velsoft payroll management software by covering all the appropriate tasks by making them accessible and manageable via a user-friendly interface that simplifies the otherwise complex functionality.

Employee Productivity

Since less amount in spent on tracking work timings, salary deduction and taxes, managers can spend more time on business development.

Minimizes Paperwork

Tracks and simplifies data related to monthly salary information, bonuses, deduction, leaves, and reduces a lot of paperwork.

Manage Workforce 

From top-level managers to the most recently joined employee payroll software tracks every information and secures it.

Payroll software can deliver the best results by creating a culture of self-service with the support of automation. Velsoft payroll software automates a variety of payroll-related tasks including attendance uploading, leave management, incentive management and more.

Our Payroll Software is designed to make HR management watertight by minimizing human intervention. Most of the employee-related information including attendance, shifts, salaries, etc. can be managed by the system itself.

Payroll Management Done 

Let go of the manual payroll management processes that are holding your organization back and embrace the power of cloud technology. Track salaries, expenses, attendance, etc. and do a lot more in a fraction of time that you are spending today.

 Safe, Secure, Fast

Making use of some of the most rigid security mechanisms in the industry today, the data of your employees and the entire organization itself is completely safe and protected against threats.

 All in one place

Manage all payroll tasks viz. attendance, leave management, loan management, salaries and taxes, expense management, etc. under one roof.


Financial Accounting ERP Software

Velsoft is a cloud-based software that simplifies the financial accounting process by automating and integrating business workflows. Velsoft is committed to making “ease of business” a reality of everyone. We understand how hard it is to ensure that all the moving parts in a business are working at all times without interruptions. 


Create the Ledgers and manage the balances in a time-saving manner Periodic Activities: Record and maintain all the purchases during the accounting period


Exercise greater financial control with comprehensive budgeting tools and data to make calculated decisions for your business

 Fixed Assets

Create assets and manage them along with reporting easily

Account Receivable

Manage customer payments and invoices at single place

Accounts Payable

Organize vendor payments and invoices without any worry


Access financial &  personal information of all vendors with a click

 Cash & Bank

All the Cash and bank-related activities including receipts and reconciliation.


Add or Remove Customers in seconds

Reports: Connect with multiple apps and services

Image Customer Ledger

Add and remove customers on the go and review their accounts whenever necessary through a user-friendly dashboard

Image Day Book

Use a digital ledger as your daybook to add every day’s transactions conveniently

Image Cash Book

Keep the receipts and payment records in a centralized cashbook

Image Bills Payables

Review the pending payables on the fly

Image Bills Receivables

Check accounts receivables of every client instantly

Due Report Customer

Check all the due reports of customers from the dashboard

Image Due Report Vendors

Fetch due reports of vendors with a single click

Image Financial Reporting

Access all final account statements in one location

Why Use Financial Accounting?

You can’t run your business to its full potential unless you have access to the numbers when you need them which include GST rates, customer records, vendor records, invoices, expenses, and more. Naturally, when all of these records are maintained individually, then there is a high risk of error which can be quite costly. Other than that, management and reconciliation aren’t exactly simple either. However, by using a comprehensive financial accounting service, you can bring all the financial records under one system and enjoy a seamless transfer of data within all the departments of your organization.


Prevent new taxation norms and regulations from throwing a spammer in your works. Velsoft’s financial accounting system is updated in the backend automatically to apply the right GST rates for you.

Everything Centralized

Entering the same data into different databases time and again. Put all your financial records on a centralized system so that anyone can access the data from anywhere and from any device.

Financial Leakage Plugging

With accurate financial data available via organized records, identify hidden expenses easily to improve cash flow.

Empower Your Business

Cloud technology is playing a huge role in the growth of emerging and existing business, and with tools like Financing Accounting Solution by Velsoft, you can get an edge over your competition. You can save more money, do everything faster, and upgrade the service on the fly as your business grows.

Our financial accounting module lets you manage everything finance easily and conveniently. It eliminates the need for sharing invoices, expense reports, bank statements, etc. between your employees through less reliable and unorganized channels. It also makes bookkeeping and taxation simple as it essentially replaces the old-school way of managing finance records with the next-gen system that makes your business more productive and less prone to risks.

No More Paper

Save both money and time by creating a paperless workplace. Store all your records digitally for easy access and greater organization.

Portfolio Management

Create, update and review your company’s financial portfolio in real-time. Allocate funds to various assets with confidence.

Unparalleled Security

Store your financial records on our servers without a worry. We have put in place some of the most advanced security measures.

User-friendly interface

Our financial toolkit is powerful but on the surface, it looks simple enough so that anyone can use it easily.


Commission Agents ERP Software

Velsoft Software Solution package includes Accounting / Inventory / Billing and many more features as per your need. Every software aspirant looking for easy, cost-effective, and trusted solutions. Our software is being used by many clients and tested for its accuracy and reliability. For the general-purpose accounting and inventory management.

Our software special features cover all major aspects of accounting functions including voucher punching (payment, receipt, contra, journal, and memorandum), all books of accounts, cash/bank/day/ledger book, ledger/group summary, trial balance, profit & loss, balance sheet. This is just simple to use inventory modules that cover all major inventory functions like purchase, sales, challan, stock summary, sales/purchase register, customer account, business report, etc.


  • Integrated Inventory and Accounts Module
  • Daily Business Analysis Report
  • Cropwise Sales/Purchase/Profit Register & Accounting
  • SMS/Email Integration
  • Ledger/ Ledger Group Periodic summary
  • Final Reports (Trial balance/ Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet)

The Industry Sectors We Served Include

Inventory Features

Manage your inventory with  Purchase Transaction & Reports, Sales Transaction & Reports, Purchase/Sales Challan Transaction & Reports, Auto Generation of Invoice from Challan, and more.

Accounting Features

Get fully feature-loaded software with Cash Transactions, Bank Transactions,  Memorandum Voucher, Voucher Approval System, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Ledger Report.


General Features

Add multiple users whether Single User or Multi-User. 100% Data Security & Accuracy. Fully Tested Software (100% Error Free) with  Easy Navigation and User Interface.

Invoicing Features

Get advanced invoicing features like Multi-Rate, Price List, & Discount, Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills, Negative Stock Billing Facility, Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice & more.

 MIS Reports

Maintain Cash Flow, Funds Flow, Report Export to Excel, PDF, Word, etc. Sales / Purchase Analysis, Stock Movement Analysis, Consolidated Business Report, and more.

 Taxation Reports

Get highly efficient tax calculator including Sales Tax / Purchase Tax Summary, Sales Tax Account Registers & Vat Returns, GST Challan Payment Entry.


A Complete Package For All Your Business Needs

Our ERP Solution for the commission agents is a complete Accounting, Billing software for broker commission agents.
  1. It is a complete Software Solution for broker commission agents.
  2. A special feature of the software is single-time entry will be posted to both buyer and seller accounts.
  3. Bill can be print on plain or pre-printed stationary on a ledger printer.
  4. Bills can be export to pdf format also.
  5. Easy to use software for fast billing.


Jewellery Management ERP Software

Controlling and managing jewellery business is made easy, quick, accurate & efficient. We provide complete jewellery production, inventory & accounts management software. We are developing ERP Software for jewellers, wholesalers, and jewellery manufacturers from the past 21 years. This Management Software is Cost-Effective and fully loaded with features.


  • A ready-to-use and customizable to meet the unique needs of the jewelry industry.
  • Inventory module designed specifically to provide maximum control over the inventory of diamonds and colour stones.
  • Accurate monitoring of all transactions. 
  • Powerful security features that allow only authorized personnel to view and access.

The Industry Sectors We Served Include:


Our ERP Software for jewellers, you can maintain daily Money lending transactions by item photo, customer photo, area wise reports, balance sheet, stock report, customer notice.

Chit Funds 

Keep a track of the chits, makes report management easy and also reduces the time in reports generation, and increases the quality & accuracy of information.

Investment banking

Drive operational efficiencies and improve the experience, by bringing a domain-centric middle and back-office transformation approach.


Simplifying complex workers accounts and register to issue raw materials and get Receipt of finished goods & Check outstanding balances.

Easy & Fast Billing

Generate bills with category-wise module and get beautiful invoices with customer information and images.


Manage inventory carat, weight, images, item wise, item group-wise, purity wise, stock summary, stock register, etc.

A Perfect Solution for All Your Business Needs

VELSOFT ERP software for jewellers has been an undisputed leader in managing jewellry business in the retail showroom and jewellry houses because of its reliable and user-friendly features. The Jewellery software provides the aptest solution for automation and can cater to the needs of all the jewellry business management.

Our ERP Software for jewelers is capable of maintaining different inventories for precious metal or stone and has a provision in which jewellers can set a different price rate for different customers, metals, or stones. The software allows easy updation while billing and helps in saving time.

Velsoft Jewelry Software has all the necessary features required in the jewelry business i.e. Return & Repair, Approval, Purchase & Planning, Tray Stocks, Finance, Crate- wise Stock Management, Goldsmith worker’s Account, Mortgage, Chitfunds Maintenance, and many more for running this business smoothly.


Manufacturing ERP Software

Being able to meet the constantly evolving demands and expectations of customers, managing statutory/regulatory compliances, staying abreast with the cutthroat industrial environment, planning and stocking inventory and most importantly, manufacturing optimum quality products consistently are some of the prominent and monotonous challenges faced by manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.

Velsoft ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry addresses all these aforementioned as well as other challenges faced by businesses operating in the manufacturing industry. we take great pride in offering our suite of highly scalable, flexible and faster manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing sector.

  • Manufacturing high-quality products consistently
  • Cost optimization of manufactured products
  • Financial planning and management
  • Development of retail strategies
  • Meeting client commitments
  • Planning and stocking
  • Managing regulatory compliances
  • Responding to changing customer preferences
  • Preparation of practical strategies

The Industry Sectors We Served Include:

Machine Plan Process

Reduce overspending and inefficiencies throughout the entire production process. Increase cost savings as you plan better with accurate resources and machine planning processes.


A systematic approach to managing the procurement process, the complete order-to-pay cycle. Compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities for cost-savvy.

Production Management

Always in the know of all projects with real-time, cross functional reporting including manufacturing and logistics management, cost accounting, controlling, and more.

Inventory Management

Get the tools to help you efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle – from initial contact to final sale. Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction

Warehouse Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and maintain cost-effective production with advanced warehouse and bin location tracking.

Our tested ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry is designed smartly to support a gamut of industry-wide manufacturing & assembly plants, processes, and operations. Be it for discrete or process manufacturers, our ERP solutions are apt for all. By recognizing they help manufacturers build the right ERP for the manufacturing industry that is reliable, scalable, and aligned with their business objectives.

Hotel Management ERP Software

No matter what size the business is- small or large; they will always favour ERP software for hotels and restaurants to handle their day-to-day transactions in every department to generate flawless MIS reports. 

It is similar to the hospitality industry as well. For any business in hospitality, be it bar services or lounge, maintaining all the transactions due to large volume business happening on daily basis becomes critically important.

Facilities the recording and processing of multiple financial transactions and processes. Right from invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts, our ERP software for hotels and restaurants offers a quick and efficient way to manage your business processes. It is designed to reduce incompetence and boost your organisational productivity.

Velsoft ERP software for hotels and restaurants is easy to learn, scalable, and requires low maintenance. Apart from the Hospitality Industry, we also cater to various other industries including healthcare, e-commerce, automobile, real estate, inventory, manufacturing, sports, and aviation.

The Industry Sectors We Served Include

Guest History At Fingertips

In the hospitality industry, customer retention has a vital role to play. This makes it critical to maintain records of your regular customers. In order to achieve the same, Our ERP software for hotels and restaurants will help you to save, change and alter all your guest data, in turn assisting you to serve your customers better round the clock.

Reduced Time cycle

ERP software services provide real-time room availability of, check-ins and checkouts, charges calculation, delivery options, etc., to help you plan and coordinate your hospitality industry seamlessly. Apart from this, it also lets you manage your menu card listings and prices, to offer your customers the “best in industry” experience.

Automated Solution

A single platform connecting, Hotel Property Management System, re-distribution, phones, Internet services, restaurants, Food and Beverage Services costing, inventory, purchase and financial accounting. With Velsoft ERP Software for hotels and restaurants, you can manage each and every single expense of your firm under one software.

Business Modules

ERP software solution comprises of easy-to-use business modules, which simplifies challenges hospitality managers come across. Purchase, HR, Inventory, and Finance, etc. are a few of those proficient modules of ERP software solutions, which can create all hotel industry processes


ERP software solution will assist you with close monitoring of entire ongoing processes via one workstation. It is possible to track every kitchen order & its serving, the status of room service, customer checkouts, etc. with extreme ease and further leverage you synchronize course of action lying ahead.

Booking Management

Manage all your offline and online bookings under one roof. Just integrate your booking panels and update dates with bills according to your customer stays and their requirements. Get automated alerts for bookings and check-outs of guests.

Our Clients Are Able To Increase Productivity:

Reports & Support

  1. Create your own reports
  2. Includes all pre -programmed report Print, export & email report, Chat, email & phone support (specific location)

 Accounting Module

  1. General Ledger Profit/Cost Centres.
  2. Automatic Direct Billing from Front Desk.
  3. Printing and Mailing of Room / Monthly Guest Bills to Companies.


  1. Built into credit card processor
  2. Supports over 175 software
  3. Online travel agents connectivity.

Low Investment, Risk

  1. Zero upfront fee
  2. No long term contract, cancel anytime
  3. No investment in servers or software
  4. Low-cost AMC.